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Because weather can change drastically without notice, we never cancel sooner than one hour before curtain up unless lightening, heat over 40 degrees celsius, or wind over 29mph is predicted in the hours leading up to the performance. In all other weather, the performance continues.


If rain or wind is deemed heavy by the Company Manager the performance will pause. If after 30 minutes the weather has not improved, the event will be abandoned. No more than three attempts will be made to recommence the performance. Or if the total number of minutes paused totals 30, the event will be abandoned. We politely ask that ticket holders do not contact the company to request weather updates - ticket holders will be notified by text message and email should the event be cancelled for any reason, including weather. Notification will also be issued on social media platforms.


If the event is cancelled - all ticket holders will be emailed with the option to transfer the tickets to another event, or request a refund.


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